Partner With Your Favourite Brands

Not a celebrity nor an influencer? Then, you are at the right place!
Help people choose the right brands by making yours standing out.


It is easy as 1, 2, 3 to team-up with the brands you love.

1. Setup your profile

Tell us a little bit about you, what your top brands are and how you would like to support them.

2. Support your brands

Go through your brands' needs, apply for those you can help with and wait for the green light.

3. Get Spoiled

You give, your brands give back. That's what partners do. Enjoy your gift!


There are plenty of ways to support your favourite brands. By setting-up your profile, you help brands understand better who you are, what you want and don’t want, so you are only proposed missions that are relevant to you.

  • Help your brands shaping their next product/service.
  • Give them insights by completing surveys/attending focus groups.
  • Test-out novelties and influence fine-tuning.
  • Report what needs to be fixed.
Spread the love
  • Tell your friends what your brands are and they should go for.
  • Encourage trial with samples and discount vouchers distribution.
  • Support your brands' content with shares, likes and comments.
  • Create and publish your own brand content.
  • Write and publish reviews
Stay up to date
  • Get invited and attend your brands' events
  • Subscribe and receive their newsletters


We are all consumers and we all got our favourite brands. By supporting yours, you help people doing the right choices and then avoid bad purchases.

You help good brands to stand out

There are tons of brands out there and it’s not always easy to notice the good ones within the massive (and annoying) advertising noise. By promoting yours, you help worthy brands to get naturally noticed.

You will get Spoiled by your brands

Brands know who their partners are and how to thank them. From vouchers to goodies, invites for events, charity donations and many more, they always find the right way to show you how grateful they are for the support you give.

Your promote Authenticity

No ‘stars’, so called ‘influencers’ nor professional ‘brand ambassadors here. Only real and everyday people driven by the desire to help others going for genuinely good brands, those which deserve to be known. 

Your help your friends choose better

It is not because it looks good on the menu that it systematically tastes good. By supporting your brands, you help your friends shutting down the advertising noise buzzing in their hears and lead them to the right purchase.  Because what’s better and more reliable than the advice from a friend?


It’s your data and it will always be. 

We have at heart to be totally transparent with how they are being used and guarantee you a full control over those any time, in respect of the GDPR frame.


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